welcome to the FAYZ

In the blink of an eye, everyone over 15 disappears. All the adults are gone. The children are alone. The food is limited, and the hunger rules. People are going crazy, while a select few are trying to take control.

This is a GONE rp, where you can roleplay as the character in the book series GONE.

Answered questions regarding the rp

It's not complicated, and I'm not strict. So what are you waiting for? Apply!

Drake Merwin

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application Edilio Escobar 

Real name: Pauline, my tumblr is catolovedclove.tumblr.com, this is an old tumblr I had for an rp that kind of died, but I think I can re-use this one :)

Character you want to play: Edilio Escobar

Preferred ship(s): It doesn’t really matter, it’d be cool for Edilio to have a girlfriend, but I also think he’s doing just fine without one.

Playby: I roleplayed him as Tyler Posey for a while, but I think Tyler’s too old, maybe Luke Bilyk?

Sample para: It was the day the FAYZ would come to be, although Edilio didn’t know that yet. After having breakfast, he went to his little brother’s room. Manuel was ill, so he would be staying at home today - home being a little caravan, about two miles north of the Cliftop Hotel.

"Good morning, little bro," Edilio greeted him, smiling. Manuel coughed and smiled back at him. "How are you feeling today?"

"I’ll be alright, ‘Dilio," Manuel said. He coughed again.

Edilio looked at his little brother with a worried expression on his face. “Ok,” he said. “I need to go to school now, but I’m going to hang out with you this afternoon, yeah?” Manuel nodded and smiled. Edilio smiled too, not knowing that was the last time he’d see his little brother.

I hope that was okay, haha :)

You’re accepted!

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ehh, I don’t know if it was my application you got or someone elses, anyway I’ll just audition for Dekka instead:) can’t wait for this to start!

Real name: Erin

Character you want to play: Dekka

Preferred ship(s): Brianna/Dekka

Playby: Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty from Degrassi)

Sample para: Since the FAYZ began, nothing had mattered much to Dekka anymore. She had to focus on staying alive and helping Sam out. However, now that Sam, Jack and herself had descovered the boating lake, atleast she didn’t have to worry about water anymore, and there was enough food to get by with. It was getting late and dark, and most of the kids where asleep, and Dekka was sitting by the lake, pulling out strands of grass just for something to do. She was consumed in thought. Thoughts of Brianna, thoughts of Sam, thoughts of Caine and how things were getting on at Perdido Beach. As much as she usually enjoyed alone time, she found herself wishing for someone to come and join her.

It was yours we had, but okay, you’re Dekka :)

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Merry Christmas! 

I promise to go through all your applications and questions tomorrow, but today I’m focusing on celebrating christmas with my family.

Have a great day, everyone.

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Anonymous said:
who got the caine role

Still undecided, because we have only gotten one application. But since I know one message got lost, I’m worried that the other person did send in the application, we just didn’t get it. 

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askmadge-undersee said:
I sent the link to Diana's a couple of days ago, not sure if you got it? Should I sent it again?

I think you should, because we don’t have it. Weird. :)

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Lana Arwen Lazar!

Real name: Marie 

Character you want to play: Brianna 

Preferred ship(s): Mainly Brianna/Jack, but also Brianna/Dekka

Playby: Bella Thorne

Sample para: “Follow me!” Brianna said to Jack. “I’m going to show you something.” She started to run. She knew Jack wouldn’t run fast enough to follow, but she liked to show. She could barely hear something like ‘wait!’ from behind. She smiled for herself; she had just waited for him to yell after her. She stopped and saw Jack running, trying to reach her. “Oh, you’re so slow!” she laughed. 

Accepted! Send in the link as soon as possible!

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Astrid Ellison!

Application Form 

Application Form

Real name: Sabrina

Character you want to play: Drake ‘Whiphand’ Merwin

Preferred ship(s): Nerezza.

Playby: Drake:Bostick or Evan Peters. Brittney: Dakota Fanning or Elle Fanning

Sample para: Drake flashed a shark grin. “What, you didn’t expect me to come back?” He asked Caine. He watched Caine take a step back. “Didn’t you miss me?” He laughed. Drake took a step forward. “We might as well reaquaint ourselves, seeing I’ll be here for a while.”

OOC: I may be in active for a week or two b/c I have will have limited computer access

Accepted! Send us a link as soon as possible. And that’s okay, thanks for letting us know :D

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