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In the blink of an eye, everyone over 15 disappears. All the adults are gone. The children are alone. The food is limited, and the hunger rules. People are going crazy, while a select few are trying to take control.

This is a GONE rp, where you can roleplay as the character in the book series GONE.

Answered questions regarding the rp

It's not complicated, and I'm not strict. So what are you waiting for? Apply!

Anonymous said:
Do you have a date for when you're aiming to start?

It depends on how many people audition and make an account when they get the role.

But I would like to start sometime right after christmas. Because obviously the time before christmas is stressful for everyone, but in the time right after at least I have some time of school, so it would a great time for me :)

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queenscarab said:
Wait, what exactly is supposed to be in the sample paragraph? Like, how we would roleplay? Sorry, I'm new to Tumblr roleplaying. :/

Yup! You’re going to show us an example of how you write a paragraph. It’s best if you’re writing as the character you’re auditioning for, but you don’t have to. We just want to see how you write. ;D We’re going through the auditions now, so soon we’ll post a few, so you’ll see examples on Sample paras in their auditions.